Lombok, pearl of the Indonesian archipelago, a heavenly island with a rich, mystical culture, beautiful flora and fauna, friendly locals. A relaxed way of life.

Villas in the high luxury segment

RDE Capital is the first party offering villas in the high luxury segment based on Western European standards in terms of design, style, and high quality finish, located on one of the finest.

Luxurious villas

The project consists of 10 luxurious villas, complete with luxurious fitted kitchen, luxurious bathrooms, spacious private pool, terraces, landscaped tropical garden and private parking.

Bumbang Bay

Bumbang Bay, on the south coast of Lombok is marked by a beautiful, white sandy beach and azure blue sea.The bay is surrounded by green hills overlooking the Indian Ocean and Gerupuk Bay.





[/row] [row] [span4][banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/bloem.jpg” banner_link=”http://www.bumbangbay.com/villas/” title=”Villas” text=”Villas in the high luxury segment. The advantage of our villas is that you invest in a property in a prime location in a touristic and economic growth market.” btn_text=”read more” target=”_self” custom_class=”what-we-do-main”][/span4] [span4][banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/beach3.jpg” banner_link=”http://www.bumbangbay.com/project” title=”Projects” text=”The project is part of the Master plan Akar Raja. Within this master plan, RDE Capital has acquired a prominent plot directly at the breathtaking beach.” btn_text=”read more” target=”_self” custom_class=”what-we-do-main”][/span4] [span4][banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/bali.jpg” banner_link=”http://www.bumbangbay.com/business-case” title=”Businesscase” text=”You invest in a (resale) property and lot that become your property entirely. The house is suitable for permanent living or as rental property. ” btn_text=”read more” target=”http://www.bumbangbay.com/business-case”][/span4] [span4][banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/beach2.jpg” banner_link=”http://www.bumbangbay.com/location” title=”Location” text=”Lombok has beautiful perfect white sandy beaches, on which one can relax. The beaches offer wonderful views and breathtaking sunsets. ” btn_text=”read more” target=”_self” custom_class=”what-we-do-main”][/span4] [span4][banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/golf.jpg” banner_link=”http://www.bumbangbay.com/portfolio” title=”Portfolio” text=”Bumbang Bay is located on the south coast of Lombok. The bay is sheltered, so there is little wave action: ideal for swimming and snorkeling. ” btn_text=”read more” target=”_self” custom_class=”what-we-do-main”][/span4] [span4][banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/eco.jpg” banner_link=”http://www.bumbangbay.com/contact” title=”Information” text=”There are beautiful diving locations at various places. For instance, Gili Islands northwest of Lombok with white beaches and clear blue sea.” btn_text=”read more” target=”_self” custom_class=”what-we-do-main”][/span4] [/row] [row]


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RDE Capital

RDE Capital consists of a team of enthusiastic professionals, with years of experience in project development and corporate services. Consequently, we have experience and affinity with administrative procedures and relationships, finances and project work.

We are committed and dedicated to our customers. We take a personal approach and differentiate ourselves by offering a comprehensive product, while totally unburdening you.


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